Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd
Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd
Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd

Why employ our Workforce?

Our trade resources division provides you with the A-Team that you need for successful project delivery. Our ability to offer you the best workforce available on the market is supported by our unique business model.

The key elements to our model are highlighted below:

  1. Ongoing Team of Proven Tradesmen.
    • Busicom does not source tradesmen from the casual labour market. We employ a proven and tested team of 150 ongoing tradesmen across the nation backed up by a pool of 2000 stringently screened and tested candidates. Review our Welder Profile¬†and Key Trades Profile
  2. Engineering Is All We Do.
    • As a specialist resourcer, we focus only on welding and engineering tradesmen. This single mindedness means that our systems, processes and people centre around this specialisation and ensure that we deliver a first rate service. Read about our key projects
  3. Verification of Competency.
    • We utilise an industry leading process to validate the skillset of our team and guarantee that all Busicom tradesmen are high performing individuals. Learn more about our methodology
  4. Behavioural Assessment.
    • We understand that the attitude of your workforce is as important as their skillset. For this reason we behaviourally assess our team to ensure reliability, honesty and integrity of all trades supplied.
  5. Best Fit Candidates For Roles.
    • Our candidate management system (CMS) is a structured and comprehensive fulfilment program which ensures that we supply projects with the right candidate, within allocated timeframes and with a high degree of accuracy. Learn more about our CMS
  6. Providing Security Of Supply.
    • We ensure that you do not experience downtime due to staff being absent from work. We replace any absentee staff with minimum notice.
  7. Dedicated Busicom Team.
    • Your business is supported by a dedicated group of specialists. This includes a Welding Inspector, Sales Engineer, Account Manager, Customer Success Manager and support staff. Together they offer you a comprehensive solution and ensure that all of your requirements are managed to your satisfaction. Your team is available around the clock to meet your needs