Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd
Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd
Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd

B9 Project, Port Botany

Project Scope

  • 50 tradesmen for 9 months work
  • Bale pulper assembly and installation
  • Waste paper conveyor assembly and installation
  • Wet end chemicals install
  • Cooling towers and piping system
  • Small bore welders on stainless steel piping (supplementary)
  • Steam system piping fabrication, welding and installation
  • Supply of all engineering trades as required on site
  • Stainless steel tank assembly

Role of the Busicom Trade Team

  • Fabrication of stainless steel tanks on site
  • Conveyor assembly work
  • Valve assembly
  • Agitor assembly
  • Marking out plate work
  • Pulpier assembly
  • De-trasher assembly
Tig pressure welders

  • Stainless steel tanks
  • Stainless steel pipe work

Flux core welders

  • Working on tanks

Stick welders

  • Doing repair work
  • Working on structural steel
  • Frames and brackets
  • Putting up pipe work
  • Erection of steel work
  • Positioning large valves
  • Rigging of tanks
  • Install drive and gear box
  • Conveyor assembly
  • Agitor assembly
  • Install and position motors and pumps
  • Installation of valves