Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd
Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd


Busicom is actively participating to help Australia achieve its greenhouse emission targets by managing supply of wholistic skilled workforce solutions, blue colour or white colour workers to build solar farms, wind farms, energy storage through batteries and building sub stations.

Busicom specialise is helping plan and streamline all logistical requirements to design and build these power generating and storage facilities from civil to mechanical to electrical work. Our workforce has experience in the industry, be it installing a single axis horizontal tracking system or PV solar panels or piling work they can do it all.

Busicom manages all aspects of mobilising manpower to any reginal area in Australia. Community participation, sourcing and proving employment to local Australians in regional communities, managing accommodation including setting up camp facilities if required, transportation, injury management, productivity management of workers, managing industrial relations and much more. We stay local during the entire project to manage manpower and related challenges so that our clients can focus on delivery projects on time at a completive cost.

Busicom is truly a one stop solution for our client’s manpower requirements for these projects.