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Facility Hire

The BITS Welding Facility is a well-structured, fully equipped weld testing centre which contains a workshop for practical assessment as well as training rooms for instruction. We maintain stringent OHS standards within the centre to ensure the safety of all operators and visitors. The layout of the facility enables the induction, training, inspection and testing of multiple Welders simultaneously. The workshop contains all equipment and material required to conduct Weld Testing across GMAW, GTAW, MMAW and FCAW competencies and for pipe and plate welding in various positions including horizontal, vertical, 45 degree, overhead and restricted.

The key features of our facility include:

  • 7 Welding Bays with Welding Machines
  • Oxy-Acetylene manual/semi-auto cutting bench
  • Laith
  • Industrial Hydraulic Press
  • Grinding Room with equipment
  • Laboratory
  • Two Training Rooms (Accommodating 20 persons and 30 persons) furnished with data projector, screen, whiteboard, tables and chairs.
  • Library of Welding Resources
  • Lunchroom
  • WIFI Access
  • Computers with Microsoft applications and internet access
  • Kitchenette with Microwave and Fridge
  • Onsite and street parking

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