Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd
Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd
Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd

Hub and Pipelines Project

Project Scope

  • Supplied 48 tradesmen for Civil and Mechanical work for the construction of a hub compressor site at Roma. (compressor, power generation and water treatment installation).
  • Other works include:
    • HDPE and steel pipelines for gas and water gathering
    • Treatment and transfer
    • Bulk earthworks
    • Road construction
    • Civil works
    • Electrical and instrumentation
    • Building installation
    • Piping, testing and ancillary services.

Services Provided by The Busicom Group

  1. Busicom Inspections and Training Solutions (BITS) provided the following Welding Inspection Services:
    • Development and full documentation of 3 x dual processes: 1) GTAW/FCAW-G , 2) GTAW/SMAW- MMAW, 3) GTAW/SMAW- MMAW
    • Welding procedure qualification record (WPQR) in 5G and 6G position to ASME IX and B31.3
    • Management of (3rd party) laboratory testing of WPQR for visual examination, PWHT, RT, tensile tests, bend tests, macro examination, hardness test and impact tests.
    • Documentation of Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) after qualification of WPQR.
    • Qualification of welders to above approved procedures (WPS) including supervision and recording of all essential welding parameters followed by visual inspection and arrange for RT (3rd party).
    • Full documentation of Welder Qualification Record (WQR) and approval on client template of all successful candidates.
  2. Busicom Services supplied a team of qualified Welders and other Engineering Tradesmen. The role of each trade type is detailed below





  • On site fabrication
  • Welding
  • Fabrication of pipe stands, brackets and guides
  • Cutting & gouging
  • Welding of carbon steel pipe to ASME IX
  • Welding 1”, 2”, 4”, 6” & 18” pipes
  • GTAW & GTAW / MMAW weld processes
  • Preheating pipes
  • Preparing pipes
  • Welding heavy walled pipes
  • Read & interpret isometric drawings
  • Piping material selection
  • Pipe fabrication
  • Aligning pipe, bolt ups
  • Basic weld joint preparation
  • Basic rigging


( FRANNA / 70 T)


  • Slinging and rigging of various loads
  • Load calculation
  • Lifting piping, pumps, compressors, equipment, containers
  • Dogging and assisting crane operators
  • Moving equipment, containers, and pipes around site
  • Heavy lifting work
  • General site work
  • Torquing flange joints
  • The tension of large flanges to (600mm pipe)
  • Fitting pipe spools
  • Work on gaskets, valves and meters
  • Alignment of pipe and flange faces to minimum specifications,
  • Cleaning and preparation of mating surfaces
  • Test, check, torque and tag to specifications
  • Reading isometric drawings
  • Checking studs (size & tensile strength, etc) with specifications as required on the ISO drawings.