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Verification of Competency

The skillset of your workforce has far reaching implications on the success of your business and on your ability to meet OH&S obligations. It is critical that Australian organisations verify the competency of their trade team to ensure that all staff have the skills required to successfully complete their tasks.

Changes to OH&S requirements mean that employers are more accountable than ever before for the safety of their employees. Organisations are now obligated to undertake “all reasonable practicable measures to prevent the risk to health and safety of their staff”.

Busicom Solutions in conjunction with BITS utilises a number of key techniques to verify the skillset of our tradesmen. We apply these techniques to guarantee the quality of our trade team and offer this service to clients who wish to assess a chosen pool of candidates.

This service ensures that all staff on your project have the skills required to exceed performance expectations. Through this we not only minimise the likelihood of injury on the job but maximise productivity on your project.

Our primary methods for assessing the skillset of tradesmen include:

Practical Skills Test

Tradesmen undertake a practical assessment  with accredited inspectors who evaluate their skillset in a simulated work environment at our in-house facility.

Pre-qualification of Welders

Busicom Solutions pre-qualify welders  to Australian and International standards and to client specific weld procedures.

Theoretical Skills Test

Tradesmen undertake a theoretical assessment which tests the written application of their technical skills.

Behavioural Testing

All candidates undergo a psychometric test which assesses reliability, honesty and attitude to safety.


All Busicom employees are evaluated based on work experience, skills and qualifications to ensure that they align with our Welder  and Engineering Trade profiles.


All employees must successfully complete interviews where both behavioural and technical attributes are tested by our qualified personnel.

Evaluating Past Performance

We review performance on previous projects by conducting two relevant reference checks.

Medical Examinations (Optional)

Dependent job requirements, candidates undergo a medical assessment to ensure they are fit for work.