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Welding Procedure Development

Our team at Busicom Inspections and Training Solutions are authorised to design and issue full certification packages for client specific weld procedures in accordance with all applicable standards and specifications. Our package consists of the following documentation:

  • Qualified Weld Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR)
  • Qualified weld procedure specification sheet (WPS)
  • Range of approval sheet, allowing visibility of procedural restrictions based on essential variables
  • Record of weld test sheet, showing all the key features used to qualify the procedure
  • Monitoring data, each and every run, as recorded by the Weld Inspector
  • Parent material certificates (Mill Certificates)
  • Filler material certificates (Consumable Conformance Certificates)
  • Testing Reports including Non-destructive and Destructive Testing reports
  • Post weld heat treatment graph/ report (if applicable)

Our Approach

Our team take a systematic and controlled approach to the development of Weld Procedures to ensure that all our quality assurance documentation complies with Australian and International Standards. Our approach to the development of procedures is outlined in the flowchart below: