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Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ)

A welder must be able to produce weldments to meet the acceptance criteria of codes and standards and should be qualified to carry out welding to procedures for which they are employed.

Busicom Inspections and Training Solutions undertakes Welder Qualifications on behalf of our customers by witnessing the performance of welders to an approved WPS in our testing and training facility, onsite or at client premises.

We conduct performance qualification of welders for all Structural Steel Welding according to AS/NZS 1554. For Pressure welding we work with AS/NZS 3992. Our team are also qualified to assess pressure welding to American standards ASME IX and Structural welding in accordance with American standards AWS D1.1/1.1M as well as any other Australian/International Standards/Codes.

Once qualified, we provide all documentation to clients that are approved with a certified inspector’s stamp.

Each Welder Qualification consists of: