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QA Documentation

When a large contract is awarded, the Principal often requires the manufacturer to establish an Inspection and Test Plan (ITP). An ITP is a quality control document that ensures that work is undertaken to required standards.

Our BITS team are qualified to develop and assist in the implementation of an ITP for our clients. Through this document, we report all inspection and testing requirements applicable to a specific process.

The key components of the ITP we develop for clients are:

  • The materials and work to be inspected or tested
  • Person(s) responsible for testing and inspecting
  • When and how often testing and inspection is required
  • “Hold”, “Monitor” and “Witness” Points
  • References to relevant standards and specifications
  • Acceptance criteria – compliance to code and client requirements
  • Maintaining records of documented evidence

Directed by an ITP, our Welding Inspectors have the ability to carry out the following measures:

  • Drawing review
  • Material control,
  • Material cutting and shaping
  • Material welding
  • Welding process and operator qualification,
  • Production process control
  • Dimensional control
  • NDT coordination
  • PWHT verification
  • Coating
  • Bolting procedures
  • Dispatch
  • Preparation of manufacturing documentation (MDR’s)