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The Importance of a Welding Quality Assurance Program

Our QA/QC programs and certified Welding Inspectors are critical for any organisation that undertakes welding as part of its business operations for a number of key reasons:

  1. Welding Codes
    • There are a number of codes and standards that are applicable to welding work. These standards ensure the quality and efficiency of welds and welding operators and are an industry requirement. Our QA programs and qualified team interpret and apply these codes to your business to ensure your compliance.
  2. Industry Requirement
    • Most companies mandate that Welding QA Program is a requirement on their job or project. Companies who perform welding work without this program or the certified personnel are not engaged or even considered for high value private sector or Government project work.
  3. The Complex Nature of Welding.
    • The quality of a weld cannot be easily verified. In addition, the welding process relies on a number of variables such as tensile strength, ductility, gas and consumable type, arc current voltage etc. which add complexity to the production of a sound weld. These variables must be carefully monitored to produce a quality result and Welding Quality control must be methodical and precise. Determining welding quality requires an experienced and qualified Welding Inspector and a robust QA program .
  4. The Impact of a Welding Failure.
    • In all industries and companies, a failed weld can have disastrous effects on the safety of the workplace and in most cases of the community and environment. In addition to the liability arising from this, businesses will face significant financial loss arising from manufacturing faults and the associated costly repair or replacement. The risks and financial loss associated with welding failure can be minimised through engaging qualified Welding Inspectors and using an accredited Welding QA program.