Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd
Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd
Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd

Recruitment Process

Assistance with establishing selection criteria

We work with you to understand the requirements and key deliverables of the vacant role. Combined with knowledge from our experience with blue collar trades, we develop criteria for selection of the best candidate.

Sourcing of candidates

Our internal database of 2800 staff together with advertising, affiliations with other agencies, networking and our candidate referral system enables us to source the highest quality candidates.

Pre-screening of candidates

All Busicom employees are pre screened and evaluated based on past experience/work history, skills, qualifications and attitudinal attributes as well as work cover history.

Interviewing of candidates

All employees must successfully “pass” group and individual interviews where both behavioural and technical attributes are tested by our qualified personnel.

Behavioural testing

All candidates complete a paper based test, which measures their reliability, honesty and attitude to safety.

Skills testing

Candidates applying for technical roles are required to complete either paper based or practical tests to ensure that they have the right skills for the job.

Reference checking

A minimum of two recent and relevant reference checks are completed prior to placement.

Medical Examinations (Optional)

Dependent on client and job requirements, Busicom Solutions conducts a medical assessment of the preferred candidates prior to placement.

Pre-job briefing and placement

Candidates that are best fit for the role are provided employment through Busicom. All employees are inducted and receive OH&S training as well as information on job specific requirements.

Ongoing candidate management for temp roles

We provide ongoing management of hire staff including management of timesheets, pay, as well as other administrative issues.