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Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd
Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd

Structural Welders

Qualifications & Tickets

  • Trade qualification
  • Qualified to AS/NZS1554 and AS2980
  • Aluminium welders must be able to weld to AS/NZS 1665 – Welding of aluminium structures

Required Skillset & Experience

  • Min 5 Yrs. Experience with Welding Of Steel Work in Building, Structures and Cranes Constructed of Metal, Roadway, Railway and Pedestrian
  • Bridges, Storage Tanks and Non-Pressure Related Steel Fabricated Structures.
  • Experience with Heavy Structural & Stainless Steel
  • Experience Welding In Various Position Including Overhead
  • Experience with MIG, TIG, STICK & Flux Core