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Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd
Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd

Our Welding Team

Our crew of Welders are WTIA certified and weld to Australian Standard 1796.1998, 1554.1:2011 or an equivalent overseas standard.

Busicom’s Welding team undergo our Verification of Competency process , which includes Theoretical Testing Practical Testing  and Pre-qualification  to Australian and International Standards and to client specific Weld Procedures.

Busicom’s team of Welders include specialised Pressure Welders, Structural Welders and Boilermaker Welders who have:

  • Proficiency in GMAW, GTAW, MMAW and FCAW processes and are assessed in accordance with Australian standards for this competency.
  • Knowledge of AS/NZS, AWS, ANSI and ASME codes.
  • Knowledge of operation of welding equipment, beveling machines, electrodes, fluxes, shielding gases and welding processes.
  • Knowledge of various grades of welding electrodes, their correct application and welding processes and the appearance of proper fit-up of weld material.
  • The ability to read, understand engineering drawings.

View the strength and expertise of our team according to welding specialisation.

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