Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd
Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd
Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd

OH&S Management System

The Busicom Solutions OH&S Management System outlines our safety procedures. These are broadly summarised below:

  • The responsibilities of Busicom Solutions, Our Clients and Employees
  • Employee Consultation which occurs during
    • – Toolbox talks
    • – Risk assessments
    • – When making decisions to control/eliminate risk
  • Employee consultation also takes place when undertaking risk assessments, making decisions on consultation arrangements or to control/eliminate risk and making changes which affect OH&S.
  • General safety including mandatory rules, managing non-compliance, drugs and alcohol and housekeeping.
  • Risk Management which complies with NSW OH&S regulation. Strategies for managing risk include:
  • – Controlling workplace access
  • – Risk identification
  • – Assessment of risks
  • – Risk control
  • – Safe work procedures
  • Accident and Incident occurrence which includes reporting to Work Cover and a comprehensive investigation which is conducted by Busicom for each incident or near miss event.
  • Emergency procedures which includes an Emergency response plan that identifies emergency scenarios for our work sites, prescribes the people and duties and specifies the systems and procedures.
  • OH&S training/Induction training
  • Safety in the workplace. This includes
  • – Personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • – Plant and Equipment.
  • – Ladder safety.
  • – Fatigue management and occupations overuse syndrome.
  • – Hazardous substances.
  • – Return to work policy.