Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd
Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd

Candidate Matching System

Our structured skills matching program ensures that only the best fit candidates are allocated to projects.

Developing the Job Brief

We meet with clients to understand their resourcing needs and to gain detailed insights into the job, work environment, challenges, issues, Experiences and Experience. We comprehend the key elements required to create their ideal resourcing solution.

Creating a profile of the ideal candidate

Using the job brief, we develop a profile of the ideal tradesman for the project. This profile lists technical skills, qualifications, certifications, work Experience, industry Experience, demographic and behavioural requirements and creates a picture of the “best-fit” candidate.

Finding Matching Candidates

We enter the key parameters of the candidate profile into the Busicom system. The system uses formulas and algorithms to identify those tradesmen in our workforce who match the ideal candidate criteria.

Candidate Selection

Our Account Managers review the trade profiles which have greater than 90% alignment to requirements. These employees undergo pre-job screening to further determine their suitability. The best-fit candidate is selected by Account Manager based on results of the pre-screen and their Experience.