Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd
Busicom Solutions Pty Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will I need to take with me to site when I am placed?

The following items must be taken with you to each job:

  • Green card
  • Relevant tools of trade
  • All PPE (including hard hat, Hi Vis, Steel Capped Boots, Safety Glasses.
  • Specific tickets relevant to trade/position
  • 2. What PPE is required?

    Candidates are responsible for their own PPE including

  • Steel capped boots
  • Long sleeve work shirt.
  • Long work pants
  • Hard hat
  • Safety Glasses
  • 3. Is there travel allowance included?

    For some jobs outside of Sydney, a travel allowance may be provided. This will dependent on the duration of the job as well as client approved allowances on the job.

    4. How often are the shutdowns?

    The frequency of shutdowns will depend on the client that you are working for. These will range from bi-monthly to bi-annually. Busicom Solutions manages a number of shutdowns and will often rotate our employees from one client to another.

    5. What clients do Busicom supply to?

    As an engineering specialist recruitment service, Busicom Solutions caters for a large number of medium to large engineering companies. Our portfolio of clients includes: Metso, Visy, Shell, The Transpacific Group, Nepean Engineering, Thomas & Coffey and many more high profile reputation companies

    6. Does Busicom only supply labour around Sydney?

    No, Busicom Solutions has a strong foothold through NSW and across Australia. Busicom Solutions Engineering services has coverage over the following NSW regions:

    Busicom Solutions offers interstate recruitment services throughout Australia through fly in, fly out labour as well as via our affliations in WA, VIC and QLD.

    7. If I am unable to contact my Busicom Representative, How do I make contact with another staff member?

    Busicom offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service.

    Your first point of contact is your account manager at Busicom Solutions who is available to take your call at any time. If you are unable to contact your account manager for any reason you can also contact Busicom on 02 9707 5333 or 02 9707 5300. Our phones are manned at all times.

    8. Does Busicom provide any training?

    Busicom offers all candidates OH&S induction training prior to commencing work. We are currently in the progress of establishing a training program which will see this component of our service extended considerably.

    9. How do I ensure my timesheet will be received?

    When you email or fax through a timesheet, send your account manager a SMS to advise that this has been sent. If there are any issues in receiving this timesheets, you will be contacted. Email timesheets to timesheets@busicomsolutions.com.au or fax to 02 9707 5322

    10. How long after the work is complete will it take for me to receive payment?

    Busicom candidates are paid weekly in arrears. Our pay weeks run from Monday – Sunday and wage are deposited the following Friday on receipt of a timesheet.

    11. What is the best method of being well in the loop of where and when work is coming up?

    To ensure that you maximise your employment opportunities with Busicom, we suggest that you do the following:

  • Keep in regular contact with Recruitment consultant and always advise them when you are available for work. Call the office or send an email to radmin@busicomsolutions.com.au
  • Ensure that you are accessible by phone (Keep you mobile on you, answer your calls and respond to messages)
  • Respond to SMS’s: If you receive an SMS from Busicom Solutions requesting information about whether you are still working, following up of timesheets or Availability etc., you are required to respond or contact the office within 24 hours.
  • 12. Are all your employees on wages or subcontractor?

    We employ waged employees as well as subcontractors on our jobs.

    All Subcontractors need to provide a copy of the documentation below:

  • ABN GST Documentation:
  • Evidence of current Work cover or Workers compensation Insurance:
  • Evidence of Public Liability Insurance; not less than five million dollars (if applicable):
  • Evidence of Professional Indemnity Insurance (if applicable):
  • 13. How do the overtime rates work after normal time?

    Busicom Solutions offers time and half and double time rates. These are paid as follows:

  • Weekdays – First 8 hours Normal Time, Next 2 hours Time & Half, After 10 hours Double Time
  • Saturdays- First 2 hours Time & Half, After 2 hours Double Time
  • Sunday and Public Holidays- Double Time
  • 14. Do we comply with engineering award?

    We comply with all aspects of the engineering award. Our payrates for all tradesmen are above award rates. Busicom pays tradesmen based on market rates as well as experience and skill set of the employee

    15. Do you have safety policies?

    Busicom solutions is committed to continual improvement in all areas of health and safety aiming towards a goal of zero harm to people and the environment

    As part of our commitment to OH&S, Busicom Solutions has a dedicated OH&S Officer and has developed and strictly adheres to the following:

  • OH&S policy
  • OH&S management system
  • Safe work method statement templates which are customised for each client and job
  • Various forms and templates
  • 16. What will happen if I am sick, or my vehicle is broken down and cannot turn up? Who do I contact?

    If you have accepted a job, you must attend the assignment unless we advise you otherwise. If you do not show up to work, your assignment and employment will be terminated.

    If you have accepted an assignment and you cannot make it, you must give Busicom Solutions a minimum of 2hrs notice advising that you won’t be able to attend. 10 minutes notice before you are due to start is not acceptable. We are a 24 hr service!

    If you are in an ongoing role and you have a day off sick, you must provide us with a doctor’s certificate.

    17. What are the working hours?

    Your working hours will depend on the job/site you are allocated to. You may be required for dayshift/night shift or weekend work. Your working hours will be discussed and confirmed with you prior to assigned you to a job

    18. Do you need a OHS Construction Induction for your sites?

    Yes this is a mandatory required for site work